Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ornie Swap Thank You's.....

I participated in Amy of
Ornie swap, and these are the
Wonderful ornaments that
I received......
Going from left to right
we have....

Gingerbread from Cynthia
Snowman On left from Jessica
Snowman on right from Marsha

Thank You Ladies!
I Love them all and can't wait to
Get the tree up and place them on it.

Thank You Amy....for hosting
another wonderful Swap!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Painting up some Snowmen...

I've been busy painting up
some Snowmen to fill the
places where I sell my items

This is an old Black Powder 
canister...Quite large at 24" tall
Thought I would paint a 
Snowman on it.

Snowman on Shovels....

Snowman License Plate

Snowman Bingo cards...
This idea is from Mary
of Square Nails Crafts
(with permission)
this is my version....

Snowman on Barn Board with
Burlap Pocket....
These were popular last year

This one was a custom order
The lady wanted the Snowman
to hold a wine glass
and personalized

Old Records

Old Hinges

Old Gas Cans

Pretty much if it doesn't move
it gets painted.
Thanks for stopping by!